Project Team

The first residence of its kind in the world. A project that was only possible thanks to a world-class team with unparalleled sensibilities.

Tokyu Sekkei is a comprehensive design consultancy with an architecture department, as well as engineering and planning departments. The respective departments are connected, working collectively as one to provide optimal solutions for customers.

Airmas Asri is involved in various projects in Indonesia. It proposes optimal solutions for clients' needs and problems, with services including urban development, design, and interior design.

Gensler is the largest comprehensive interior design company in the world, with its headquarters in san fransisco. It makes use of its global network to handle various types of properties, including offices, commercial facilities, and hotels.

As an environment-minded professional group, Climat spans the boundaries of different areas, from formulating landscaping guidelines on an urban scale to interior design. That is how we contribute to creating a cultural city.