Let’s join our tour
Visiting the actual building

The construction of BRANZ SIMATUPANG is in its final stages, which has been progressing really steadily so far. Prior to our scheduled Handover soon, we would like to invite you for tower tour and experience BRANZ SIMATUPANG’s true Japanese quality by yourself. There are three main points that we believe will be beneficial to you, our treasured customers and future residents, upon joining the Tower Tour

Awesome the common areas and facilities

Visiting the Show Unit is one thing, but in the Tower Tour you can actually inspect and experience entering the real unit and what it’s like to be inside it. You can really get a feel of living as a residence of BRANZ SIMATUPANG.

Seeing the actual view from the actual unit

See for yourself what beautiful view our future residents will wake up to every morning and who knows, your favorite one might still be vacant.