- BRANZ Simatupang -

Jakarta, a city that is evolving ever more rapidly into the future. Here, a new residence will be born, one that will surpass the boundaries of a conventional dwelling, and become a pillar of urban development.

SPECIAL PROMO in July (Easy Payment)
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SPECIAL PROMO in July (Easy Payment)

- Concept -

We aim to create the beauty, abundance, and immutable value of water.


- Location -

Neither the city, nor the suburbs. A premium future begins at the boundary between the two.


- Landscape and Design -

Reminiscent of a waterfall from the sky. Blending with the surroundings to become a symbol of the city.


- Project Team -

The first residence of its kind in the world. A project that was only possible thanks to a world-class team with unparalleled sensibilities.


- Facilities -

Keeping mind and body fresh. Sophistication for sophisticated lifestyles.


- Unit Plan -

The fusion of artisanship and different values, inspiring the senses of those who live here.


- Future -

A city speeding into the future. Alongside its subway system. A life where you can experience remarkable progress firsthand.


- About Us -

Tokyu Land Indonesia is a member of the largest developer group in Japan.


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- Contact Us -

PT. Tokyu Land Indonesia (Marketing Gallery)
(62 21) 2765 2100

Business Hours: 10.00 - 19.00

Regular Holiday: Wednesday and Thursday

Branz simatupang office metropolitan tower.12th fl

Jl. R.A. Kartini kav 14, TB. Simatupang, Jakarta.

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