Tokyu & Obayashi Joint Project Team

Tokyo X Obayashi

Tokyu Land is a leading Japanese developer. It developed these condominiums with Obayashi Corporation, which ranks as "Number 1 in Japan*" among world's leading general contractors. These companies boast long histories and class technologies. We are now working together to create authentic Japanese condominiums in Jakarta.

*ENR Top 250 Global Contractors

Exquisite and Sophisticated Design

Total Design Supervise

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The design was managed by Tokyu Architects & Engineers Inc., part of Tokyu Group. This company works on many Tokyu projects in Japan, and knows Tokyu's requirements very well.

Interior Design

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The interior design was managed by Gensler, the world's number one interior design firm. Excellent Japanese designers who work at Gensler were hired to achieve ideal interior designs.

Facade Design

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The facade design was managed by CLIMAT, a color research specialist group. They thoroughly researched urban and soil colors in Indonesia. They aimed to blend the building's facade design with Jakarta's atmosphere and environment.

Exquisite and Sophisticated Design

Our location is attractive for foreign residents from Japan and other countries. It has especially good access to transportation for Japanese families to go to work as well as attend Jakarta Japanese schools. This is also the first development by Tokyu and Obayashi Corporation. All Japanese people know these companies, making these condominiums a most reliable option in Jakarta. Considering this situation, our project is a new option for many people, and has large advantages, which is also attractive to many investors, even in future rental markets.



We surveyed buildings in Indonesia from a building management viewpoint. We saw that many buildings with luxurious designs and imported materials have many maintenance problems. For example, to repair or replace damaged imported marble, much time and cost are required to import materials from overseas. As a result, we see many buildings that are left unrepaired. We thoroughly consider maintenance aspects as well as creating spaces that feel luxurious in order to maintain their beauty into the future and select the optimal materials.