We Aim to Create The Beauty, Abundance, and Immutable Value of Water.

Droplets of Water that fall from leaves on the trees collect to from a river. Several rivers come together to make a mighty river, and then, eventually, a waterfall.

In the same way, BRANZ SIMATUPANG is formed from the collection of different values, fusing them cleanly together, and bringing them to the land of Jakarta beautiful, abundant, and with immutable value. We have drawn our inspiration from water.

Reminiscent of Waterfall from the Sky. Blending with the Surroundings to Become A Water Garden Palace.

Rather than a foreign structure that stands out from the rest of the city, our aim is to create a building that will become the face of the city and accentuate the city itself.

We have studied the color of all things that make up this land. such the plan, soil, housing, and traditional culture.

We have analyzed a massive volume of data to derive a color concept for BRANZ Simatupang that is in harmony with the city of Jakarta. The design interior is based on the image of a waterfall.

The glass waterfall flowing down from the sky exudes a strong presence while resonating with the city, and fills the hearts of the residents with pride.