Landscape and Design

External Appearance:

Reminiscent of a waterfall from the sky.
Blending with the surroundings to become a symbol of the city.

Rather than a foreign structure that stands out from the rest of the city, our aim is to create a building that will become the face of the city and accentuate the city itself. We have studied the color of all the things that make up this land, such as the plants, soil, housing, and traditional culture.

We have analyzed a massive volume of data to derive a color concept for BRANZ Simatupang that is in harmony with the city of Jakarta. The design of the exterior is based on the image of a waterfall.

The glass waterfall flowing down from the sky exudes a strong presence while resonating with the city, and fills the hearts of the residents with pride.


A spacious site occupying a proximately 1.5 hectares of space, surrounded by greenery, at times glamorous, and at others serene.

The exterior and common spaces are designed based on the image of the flow and movement of water.

It brings about encounters and connections between nature and people, as well as between people themselves, filling our everyday lives with vibrant color.

A residence that matches the sensibilities and lifestyles of global citizens.

It harmonizes beautifully with the city, and enriches the hearts of people.

Your doorway to a time of beauty.
Each time you return, joy ripples across your heart.

Drop Off Area:
An entrance into a space of serenity.

From the public, to the private.

With a design inspired by the motif of ripples breaking across the surface of water, the drop-off area marks the boundary where you switch between the different backdrops of your day.

While creating an abundant space, this area is designed to facilitate the smooth transitiion between different parts of your day, warmly inviting residents and visitors to enter into a time of beauty and calm. From the moment you step in, joy and pride will ripple across your heart.

Produced in collaboration with a world-renowned glass artist.
A space worthy of being called a work of art.

Reception Area:
Your heart is Illuminated in this space, filled with sparkle and brilliance.

Seiki Torige (Bali glass artist)

Born in Kyoto in 1941. Studied glass production in Milan, Italy, and established a studio in Daikanyama, Tokyo, in 1978. Since then, he has created magical works of art that push the boundaries of what is possible with glass. Relocated artist who also creates decorative art for famous luxury resorts.

Grand Stairs:
A lavish area for hospitality, where the staircase becomes a symbol.
Grand Stairs:
A lavish area for hospitality, where the staircase becomes a symbol.

Fusing the beauty of Indonesia and Japan through a waterfall motif.
Enjoy a moment of luxury as you immerse yourself in nature.

The GRAND STAIRS LOUNGE is a venue for relaxing and conversing with others.

The slits, which make use of the sliding doors used in Japanese homes, bring to mind the image of waterfalls, and create a dynamic and sophisticated space.

the colors for the entire space have been coordinated based on hues derived from the soil and plants of Indonesia. The space offers you luxurious moments of relaxation as you immerse yourself in nature.